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Questions about graphics

  1. Why do I get a NAME? appearing in cells when I try to run an EXCEL spreadsheet program?

  2. How do I split comma delimited data occurring in a single cell into separate columns in EXCEL?

  3. How do I make bibliographic citations of a SPSS or R procedure?

  4. How do I copy a SPSS window into a document?

  5. Why does SPSS give me a file definition error message when I run syntax?

  6. How do I get my SPSS output file to open in a new version of SPSS?

  7. Why does SPSS give a row of asterisks instead of a mean in the outputted pivot table?

  8. How do I e-mail an SPSS output file?

  9. How do I e-mail a SPSS data file created on a PC so that it is readable on a MAC (and vice-versa)?

  10. How do I read a SPSS data file into SAS?

  11. How do I read R syntax code into a R session and obtain primers on other issues to get started with R?

  12. How do I download R libraries?

  13. A primer on producing plots (and pdf copies) in R.

  14. How to avoid "$ operator is invalid for atomic vectors" in R

  15. How do I convert a Microsoft file application (e.g. powerpoint) into a pdf file?

  16. How do I recode ACE-R scores (prior to summing) in EXCEL?

  17. How do I put error bars on EXCEL bar and line graphs?

  18. How do I produce interaction plots in SPSS?

  19. How do I plot boxplots in EXCEL?

  20. How do I scatterplot observations which have the same set of co-ordinates?

  21. How do I do a multiple line plot of cluster profiles for different factors in SPSS?

  22. How can I distinguish groups on a scatterplot in EXCEL?

  23. How do I produce a bar chart including one with empty categories and other features in SPSS?

  24. How do I produce an interactive bar chart of percentages in SPSS?

  25. How do I put one or more regression lines on a scatterplot in SPSS Version 12.0 and above and in R?

  26. How do I plot user defined regression lines (such as those from ANCOVA) in R?

  27. How do I produce a clustered boxplot and other more advanced graphics in SPSS?

  28. How do I convert a pdf file into a MSWord or MSPowerpoint file?

  29. How do I convert a powerpoint show file so it can print handouts?

  30. How do I activate a hypertext link in powerpoint?

  31. How do I add in the analysis toolkit (and other add-ins) into EXCEL?