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How do I e-mail a SPSS output file?

There are backward compatibility difficulties in e-mailing SPSS output of form .spo as attachments. An earlier version of SPSS may not recognize an output file produced by using a later version and vice-versa.

One way around this is to go to file > export and choose output document in the export window and html in the file type window thus saving the output document in the later version as a html file.

Now open a new word document and read in the html file. You can then save this document as a word document and send this word document in the e-mail attachment.

From version 11.5 you can use file>export to place SPSS output files directly into MS Word. Warning: these can be big files!

An alternative is to turn the output into a pdf file. You can do this be sending the output to a Postscript printer, selecting the output to file option in the printer window. Give the output file a name ending in .ps (you may have to do this manually afterwards). Then open the Postscript file in gsview and export to a pdf.

You can also download pdf software which will print directly to a pdf file. See here.

From version 13 of SPSS you can additionally save a SPSS output file directly into a powerpoint file and from version 15 directly into a pdf file.

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