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How do I download R libraries?

Certain add-on shareware procedures in R, called packages, are contained in folders which contain suites of R programs. For example, to read SPSS data into R you need the code in the folder called foreign. In order to obtain these folders you go to the R home page located here and click contributed extension packages and download the appropriate folder into your existing R library folder (assuming you have already downloaded a version of R). The SPSS or other data set may be placed in the bin folder located along with the library folder in the R folder which serves as R's home data directory .

Alternatively IF you know the name of the library you wish to install from the R website you can use the install.packages command to install packages directly into a R session without visiting the R website. For example


and then choosing UK (Bristol) in the resulting window will download and install the libraries called lme4 and nlme.

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