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Method group meeting - writing, sharing software

MatthewBrett gave a brief presentation of the current state of software organization and sharing in the CBU and beyond:

  • Code organized in directories; no versioning
  • Code fragments on wiki and elsewhere can get out of date
  • SPM updates somewhat fragile because modified CBU versions can be older than current SPM versions
  • No ready means of sharing utilities and SPM version
  • Difficult for people outside CBU to reconstruct CBU SPM system.

We discussed code versioning, and in particular subversion - see CbuLug:UsingRepositories

We need some organized way of maintaining our software, and being able to share both development and stable versions of our code with other users.

Suggestions were:

  • Maintain CBU SPM distribution as own repository, including updates
  • Use repository merge function to patch in SPM updates to CBU SPM distribution, thus picking up updates to CBU patched files
  • Keep all CBU utilities in CBU utilities repository, even those in very poor state of repair. Use repository system to update utilities in organized way.
  • Keep stable and development versions of both repositories, to maintain stability of system, and allow sharing of up to date code
  • Reference subversion repository directly from wiki, email etc to allow users to fetch latest files from maintained code.

Here is a draft suggestion for software organization: CbuSoftwareProposal


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