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MEG Laboratory at MRC CBSU


In summer 2007, a magnetoencephalography (MEG) device became fully operational at the CSBU, complementing the EEG lab established in 2000 and the MRI scanner built in 2005. The device installed at the CBU is a 306-channel TRIUX neo system (MEGIN) which combines 204 planar gradiometers, 102 magnetometers and 64 EEG channels providing comprehensive high-density coverage of electromagnetic brain activity.

Using MEG technology, we are now able to record brain activation in real time and produce "activation films" that indicate the spreading of excitation through different parts of the brain. The activation waves, or spatio-temporal patterns, can be related to cognitive processes, such as language comprehension, object analysis or motor planning.

For an example, watch a movie of left-hemispheric brain activation evoked by a visually presented word.





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