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Skills-oriented training opportunities at the CBU

The CBU offers several lecture and workshop series aimed at junior researchers who are beginning to use neuroimaging methods in cognitive neuroscience. Some of these are mandatory for PhD students at the CBU, but they are open to anyone in the Cambridge cognitive neuroscience community.

For more information, subscribe to our skills-training mailing list (Non-CBU people can subscribe by sending an e-mail to skillstraining-subscribe (at) mrc-cbu (dot) cam (dot) ac (dot) uk), or contact Olaf Hauk.

Introduction to Matlab and Scientific Computing

Introduction to Neuroimaging Methods

Introduction to Signal Analysis in Matlab

Statistical Methods for Cognitive Psychologists

Methods Foundations

Elementary Mathematics for Biologists:,

Mathematical Biology:

Neuroimaging Methods

Introduction to Neuroimaging Methods (lectures and workshops at CBU):

SPM lectures:

Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre:, courses:

SPM, FSL and other courses:

Cambridge Connectome Consortium (CCC):

Signal Processing

Cambridge Machine Learning Group: (scroll down for courses)

Machine Learning seminars at the Cambridge University Engineering Department:

Programming and Computing

Matlab: Introduction to Matlab at the CBU

Online courses: Code Academy,

Cambridge University Computing Service Training:

Computer Laboratory:

Introduction to Computer Science: (see e.g. "Lectures" section)


CBSU Statistics Lectures for Cognitive Scientists: (scroll down)

Statistics for Graduate Life Scientists:

Cambridge Statistics Discussion Group (CSDG) seminars:

MRC Biostatistics Unit:

Centre for Applied Medical statistics (CAMS)

Statistical Laboratory Seminars:

Cambridge University Statistics Clinic:

Resources, Talks and Events for Cognitive Neuroscience

Research Seminars at the CBU (Chaucer Club, WLTS etc.)

CBSU Interest Groups:

CBSU Graduate Seminars in Cognitive and Brain Sciences:

Experimental Psychology Graduate Programme:

PPD Graduate Development Programme:

Cambridge Neuroscience:

Kenneth Craig Club:

Zangwill Club:

Graduate School of Life Sciences:

Experimental Psychology Undergraduate Programme:

Psychology and Behavioural Sciences Undergraduate Programme:

Natural Sciences Undergraduate Programme:

External Events, Summer Schools, Workshops etc.

An abundant source of on-line courses:

SPM courses:

Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging: (see e.g. "Short Courses" for 1- or 2-week courses on neuroimaging)

Fieldtrip (EEG/MEG analysis) workshops:

EEGlab workshops: (scroll down)

FSL: (google for other venues)

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