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Monday Methods Meetings at the CBU

We have regular methods events in our Monday Methods Meetings (MMM) on Mondays at 12:30.

This includes:

  • Project Presentation Meetings (PPM), mandatory before requesting neuroimaging slots.

  • Imagers Interest Group (IIG) talks by internal or external speakers.

  • Data Clinics (Clinic) that are available to all researchers (neuroimaging, behavioural, modelling etc.). The clinics are intended to be informal meetings to discuss issues with experimental design, data collection and analysis, or interpretation.

Additional Methods resources:

  • CBU’s Slack help channel, where you can ask questions, post relevant news items or suggestions, and search for previous replies on a topic of interest.

  • Wiki pages. Please note that some of these pages may be out-of-date – this is work in progress and we greatly appreciate your feedback.

  • CBU GitHub with some open software tools from the CBU.

  • Recordings of previous conferences and workshops at the CBU.

You can always get in touch with a member of the Methods Group (see below) first to discuss your ideas. We are always happy to receive suggestions for Data Clinics or IIG talks, and you are welcome to contribute to our Wiki and GitHub pages as well as our Slack channels.

Methods group: Rik Henson, Olaf Hauk, Marta Correia, Dace Apšvalka, Peter Watson

Please find the MMM schedule below. Recordings and resources of some of the previous talks are available here.

2022 schedule





Jan 10

Bayesian Sequential Designs

Rik Henson & Levan Bokeria


Jan 17

EEG/MEG decoding issues

Federica Magnabosco


Jan 24

How do control and representation regions interact in the semantic network during word processing? An EEG/MEG Study

Setareh Rahimi


Jan 31

Feb 7

Methods Day

Feb 14

Sensorimotor representation of an extra robotic finger (Third Thumb), following intensive training

Tamar Makin


Feb 21

The causal role of parietal alpha activity in coding spatial and feature-selective attention: A concurrent TMS-EEG study

Runhao Lu


Feb 28

Methods workshops

Mar 7

The Spatial Resolution of EEG/MEG

Olaf Hauk


Mar 14

MEG source localisation with focal lesion patients;
Meta-analysis of observational and longitudinal studies

Nadene Dermody;
Luisa Fassi


Mar 21

Inhibitory dysregulation and precision of mnemonic representations in healthy ageing

Ayat Abdurahman


Mar 28

Reducing the bias in RSA

Kristjan Kalm


Apr 4

The role of DMN in context representation during task switches;
Selective attention in focal lesion patients

Ashley Zhou;

Nadene Dermody


Apr 11

Effects of inter-scanner variability for multi-scanner fMRI studies

Marta Correia


Apr 18


Apr 25

Comparing the effects of multi-echo and multi-slice fMRI during a semantic task

Ajay Halai


May 2


May 9

May 16

Speeded anomia therapy in chronic post-stroke aphasia: an fMRI study

Elena Zevgolatakou


May 23

The importance of EMEG-MRI coregistration for accurate source estimation

Olaf, Rik, Maité


May 30

Jun 6

Jun 13

Inferring exemplar discriminability in brain representations (Nili et al., 2020)

Frederik Bergmann


Jun 20

Jun 27

Interpreting RDM correlations in RSA

A computational approach to motivation, anhedonia and physiological homeostasis

Victoria Poulton

Sara Mehrhof



Jul 4

A new eye on semantics. Using coregistered EEG/MEG and eye-tracking to study the interaction of context and semantics

Federica Magnabosco


Jul 11

Jul 18

ISMRM & OHBM highlights

Marta, Dace, Olaf


Jul 25

Reproducible brain-wide association studies (Marek et al., 2022)

Danyal Akarca


Aug 1

Summer break

Aug 8

Summer break

Aug 15

Summer break

Aug 22

Summer break

Aug 23 Tuesday! 12.30

Simple and reproducible analysis of MEG/EEG BIDS datasets with MNE

Alexandre Gramfort


Aug 25 Thursday! 12.30

Extending the SSS and SSP approaches for enhanced processing of MEG/EEG signals

Samu Taulu


Aug 29


Sep 5

Neural Underpinnings of Apathy in the Bayesian Brain

Rebecca Williams


Sep 15 (Thursday!)

Post-hoc modification of linear models: combining machine learning with domain information to make solid inferences from noisy data

Marijn van Vliet Aalto University


Sep 19

COGNESTIC Summer School

Sep 26

COGNESTIC Summer School

Oct 3

Study of the Cambridge Selective Forgetting Inventory (CSFI)

Zulkayda Mamat


Oct 10

Oct 17

Oct 24

Nov 31

Nov 7

Nov 14

Nov 21

Nov 28

Dec 5

Dec 12

Dec 19

Dec 26


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