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Overview of MNE Processing Steps and Commands

Pre-processing MRI Data in Freesurfer:

  • mri_convert
  • recon-all

Segment Head Surfaces:

  • mne_watershed_bem

Prepare MRI Data for MNE:

  • mne_setup_mri

Prepare Source Space (Cortical Surface) for MNE:

  • mne_setup_source_space

Align MEG and MRI coordinate systems:

  • mne_analyze

Set Up BEM Information for MNE:

  • mne_setup_forward_model

Compute Forward Solution:

  • mne_do_forward_solution

Average MEG Data, Compute Covariance Matrix:

  • mne_process_raw

Compute Average Cortical Surface:

  • make_average_subject

Create Inverse Operator (from Forward Solution):

  • mne_do_inverse_operator

Compute Source Estimates (Apply Inverse Operator to MEG data):

  • mne_make_movie

Average Source Estimates:

  • mne_average_estimates

Extract ROI data:

  • mne_make_movie