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Analysing data

There are several options for analysing MEG and EEG data from the Neuromag machine at the CBU:


These are the most intensively used freeware software packages for EEG/MEG analysis at the CBU:



Fieldtrip, Fieldtrip at CBU

developed at the FIL and at the CBU.

developed at MGH

developed at the Donders centre.

For some more details look here. For an introduction and overview to different analysis approaches see our "MEG day" presentations.

Other options are:



Matlab toolbox for EEG analysis (incl. ICA)

MEG/EEG analysis toolbox in conjunction with SPM8


We've got one or more licenses for the following software packages:





BrainVision Analyzer

Neuromag Software

The Neuromag software is part of the Elekta Neuromag MEG system (Vectorview configuration). You can get a general idea about the analysis pathway from the CBU introductory lecture into MEG analysis (the slides do not include the live software demos given at the lecture).


MaxFilter is an essential pre-processing tool for MEG data, in order to remove noise sources likely to originate from outside the sensor array.

More info on pre-processing (e.g. trigger coding)

Pre-processing pages

If all this is new to you... should start on our Beginners' Pages, with links to tutorials and more information on Matlab, Linux, Python etc.

Literature, Mailing Lists, Web-Sites and Events around MEG

Here you can find a list of papers and of mailing lists, web-sites and events for various MEG-related topics.

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