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Talks from 2016-2017 session


11th October - Katrina Gore (Independent Statistical Consultant) on 'Driving the Robustness of Preclinical Research within the Pharmaceutical Industry'. A .mp3 file of Katrina's talk is downloadable from here and a pdf file of Katrina's talk slides is here.

21st November - Nick Galwey (GlaxoSmithKline) on 'Use of historical information to supplement a future study: opportunity and difficulty'.


2nd February - Karthik Tadinada (Featurespace) on 'What can gambling machine data tell us about betting behaviour?'. Maps of the venue and adjacent car parking areas are here and here. Slides of Karthik's talk are here and a .mp3 audio file of Karthik's talk is here.

7th March - Patricia Fara (Clare College) on 'A lab of one’s own: science & suffrage in the First World War'. Slides from Patricia's talk are available from here and a .mp3 audio file of Patricia's talk is here.

3rd April - Daniel Gaffney (Sanger Institute) on 'Mapping regulatory variation in human cells'. A .mp3 audio file of Daniel's talk is here.

3rd May - Alun Bedding (Roche Products Ltd) on 'Innovative statistical approaches for studies in anti-infective drug combination development'. Alun's talk slides are here and a .mp3 audio file of Alun's talk is here.

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