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Questions on categorical data analysis

  1. What does a number containing an 'E' signify?

  2. How do I explain adding 0.5 to the cells for the odds ratio, d' (dprime) or logit transform?

  3. Can I use an ordinary linear regression instead of logistic regression to test inference about proportions?

  4. What is heterogeneity of variance in SPSS Probit and Logit (and Poisson) Regressions?

  5. What is overdispersion in handling proportions or count data and how do I handle it?

  6. How do I perform tests of Marginal Homogeneity between two raters measuring the same items?

  7. When should I use a logit analysis as opposed to an arcsine transformed ANOVA?

  8. How do I do a matched pairs comparison on dichotomous data using covariates in SPSS?

  9. How do I handle messy data in SPSS to produce duration times from dates and frequencies from strings?

  10. How do I get SPSS to do a Chi-squared analysis of a two-way frequency table?

  11. How do I compare a list of observed frequencies with a list of my own expected frequencies?

  12. Using a chi-square to see if two or more proportions are equal

  13. How do I know which elements contribute to a relationship in a two-way frequency table?

  14. When do I use Fisher's exact test instead of chi-square?

  15. How do I obtain Fisher's exact test and chi-square for a two-way table in EXCEL or a 2x2 table on the web?

  16. When do I use the correction for continuity when performing a chi-square analysis on a 2x2 table?

  17. How do I do a linear trend of proportions in a Chi-squared analysis in SPSS?

  18. How do I test for a strictly increasing or decreasing series on a set of individuals (not necessarily linear)?

  19. How do I test for the presence of an unknown ordering across subjects using 2 Dimensional data?

  20. How do I produce a bar chart with empty categories in SPSS?

  21. Improved Confidence Limits for a binomial proportion and differences in binomial proportions

  22. How do I compare observed numbers correct to those expected by chance in a multi-choice task?

  23. Additional kappa statistic evaluation in SPSS, benchmarks on size and a measure of inter-rater agreement based on Euclidean distances

  24. How do I summarise a fit for a logistic regression model?

  25. How do I compute a leaving-one-out error rate for a logistic regression in SPSS?

  26. Why are the standard errors so large in logistic regression?

  27. How do I choose between different logistic regression models?

  28. How do I interpret output from a Multinomial logistic regression?

  29. Using an Odds Ratio to summarise a 2x2 frequency table

  30. How do I test an odds ratio?

  31. How do I combine proportions?

  32. Which discriminant analysis should I use to obtain thresholds to indicate levels of abnormality using a single variable?

  33. How do I plot and interpret a ROC curve in assessing strength in two group prediction?

  34. Can you recommend any two group discriminant diagnostics?

  35. How do I compute signal detection diagnostics?

  36. Can you recommend any statistical textbooks?

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