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What does 'E' stand for?

Numerical output from SPSS and other packages sometimes features a numeric decimal followed by an 'E' which in turn is followed by a number. This simply means 'to the power of 10'. e.g. $$2.3E-1 = 2.3 x 10text{-1}$$ = 0.23 and, conversely, $$2.3E+1 = 2.3 x 10text{+1}$$ = 23.0.

Some programs also output a 'D' which means the same thing.

  • There is a scripting program available. Just cut and paste the syntax into a scripting window, click on pivot table with the 'E' notation and run.

In EXCEL 2007 you can remove the single precision 'E' in a cell and convert to a more interpretable decimal by going to the cell (or highlighting a range of cells) and clicking Home, choosing format in the 'cells' section, choosing format cells in the resulting toolbar and clicking the Number tab. Choose the number of decimal places you would like and then click Custom, choose 0.00 and click OK.

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