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Access to CBU Scanner

(You will need to do this well in advance of your study)

In order to have access to the MRI Facility and to be able to scan volunteers at the CBU you need to have a Panel Induction and become an MRI Certified User. Please arrange to attend a Panel Induction with the Panel Manager ( as you are unable to make contact with any of our volunteers until you have attended this induction. Becoming an MRI Certified User is a two stage process and involves booking yourself on 1) an MRI Video Presentation course and, 2) an MRI Practical session (please note that the courses must be attended in sequence). For further information on these courses, contact LucilleMurby. These courses will take place periodically throughout the year, and specific details will be announced in advance via the Imagers Emailing List.

Certified Users based at the CBU will have their access card updated to incorporate access to the external doors of the MRI Facility between 8.15am and 8.15pm. This allows them into Reception where they can meet their volunteers, access the internet and have use of a telephone as well as being able to access the washroom and kitchen. The radiographers will ask them to sign for a card allowing internal door access for their period of scanning which will need to be returned by the end of the day. Imagers based at other sites who attain CBU certification will be logged as Certified Guests and will be eligible for a daily access card to the above areas on each visit. This card must be handed in before exiting the MRI Facility at the end of each day. Access privileges to all types of card are updated by LucilleMurby and any CBU users needing to query their access status should contact Lucille. Temporary cards (for periods when you are scanning) are available from the radiographers.

Please ensure that the OPEN sign on the outer door is visible before you attempt to access the MRI Facility. At the present time the building alarm and the access system are not co-ordinated so you will activate the alrm if you enter when the CLOSED sign is visible.

Before scanning, imagers should familiarise themselves with the CBU Standard Operating Procedures. This is available online for authorized wiki users (see UsingThisWiki) at StandardOperatingProcedure.

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