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Using the CBU wiki system

Approved logins and restricted pages

Most of the pages here are publicly readable, but you may need to have an approved login to read some pages. If you try to read such a page and are not logged in, or have an login that is not approved, then you will get a message - "You are not allowed to view this page."

Getting an approved login

To get an approved login, see GettingApproval.

If you want edit permissions or want to see internal pages, please email OlafHauk, or failing that, one of the AdminGroup, with your login name. If you want CBU or Cambridge permissions, please let us know your affiliation. We will then add you to the necessary lists.

Editing pages

We welcome any edits to the pages - this is the very heart and soul of the wiki concept. Please:

If you make edits to a page, please sign your edits somewhere by leaving your login name, e.g. I just wrote this (MyName)

Making home pages

Please see MakingHomePages

Configuring the wiki to your taste

See HelpOnUserPreferences - and make changes in your UserPreferences. Note that, if you like your text to be a bit smaller than the current wiki default, you can add /wiki/smaller.css to the User CSS URL field of your UserPreferences.

Adding images and attachments

is very easy. For example if you wanted to add an image, just insert the text attachment:my_image.png. When you have saved the page, you can click on the link to upload the image as an attachment to the page. See HelpOnLinking for more details.

Putting up documents that need access controls

Some of our pages and some of our documents may be restricted to people with CBU logins, or Cambridge logins. For pages that should be restricted to the CBU, add this as the first line in the page:

#acl GoodGroup:admin,read,write,delete,revert CbuGroup:read

and for Cambridge (and CBU) pages:

#acl CambridgeGoodGroup:admin,read,write,delete,revert CambridgeGroup:read

If you want to post documents with access controls, then attach them to a page with the access controls above, and the same access controls will apply. Don't link to the attachment directly, link to the page that has the attachment. So, if the document is often linked to, you probably want a very small bare page containing the attachment to avoid confusion. An example is the MRI subject screening form.

Making links is covered in the HelpOnLinking page - but also you can also use the InterWiki facility in our wiki farm to link between different wikis - for example - CbuMriFacility (with wiki markup CbuMriFacility:CbuMriFacility).

See CbuInterwikiNames for a list of CBU interwiki names.

Some advanced wiki features

Making a pdf from a wiki page

If you you want a pdf version of the page to print out, then append ?action=CreatePdfDocument to the page URL. You will get a form to set any options for pdf generation. Click the button 'Generate PDF' at the bottom of this form to generate a pdf - e.g.

Using LaTeX expressions

For those of you who know what LaTeX is, you can also use LaTeX syntax to enter mathematical expressions - see eg:

Reporting problems

If you see anything that is wrong, broken, silly or annoying, please contact one of the AdminGroup, who take care of the wiki.

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