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Study Design and Efficiency

You can download a copy of Lisa and Apoorva's talks here: Design.ppt Efficiency.ppt

Web Resources

Below is a list of web resources used in the talk

Henson SPM 06

  • Rik Henson's article. Also on the imaging wiki.

Stochastic Designs

  • This is one of the old Friston papers looking at stochastic designs in event related designs. It has a clear explanation of efficiency that is worth a read.

Liu Trade-off Paper

  • Thomas Liu's article on the fundamental trade-offs between estimation and detection. Must read.

Tor Wager's article on Genetic Algoirthms

  • The background on efficiency issues is worth a read even if you are not interested in Genetic Algorithms.

See also DesignEfficiency pages on the imaging wiki.



  • To optimize sequences

Genetic Algorithms

  • Genetic Algorithm SPM toolbox (Tor Wager)

SPM colinearity toolbox

  • SPM toolbox for assessing collinearity (Matthijs Vink)

See CodeShare for a short script that allows you to check your own design efficiency.

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