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Talks from 2017-2018 session


10th October - Zoubin Ghahramani (Engineering) on 'Probabilistic machine learning: foundations and frontiers'. A .mp3 audio file of Zoubin's talk and discussion may be downloaded from here. A pdf copy of Zoubin's slides may be downloaded from here or, alternatively, a pdf copy of them is here.

14th November - Adam Kashlak (Statistical Laboratory) on 'The frequency of ‘America’ in America'.


5th February - Anthony Edwards (Gonville & Caius) on 'Cambridge Statistics from Venn to Fisher and Beyond'.

1st March - Nicole Janz (Sociology).

28th March - Sylvia Richardson (Biostatistics).

26th April - Robert Kozarski (AstraZeneca) on 'Pre-clinical and clinical drug development from a Pharmaceutical Statistician perspective'.

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