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In thi sntence, what word is mad fro the mising letters?

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Talks from 2017-2018 session


10th October - Zoubin Ghahramani (Engineering) on 'Probabilistic machine learning: foundations and frontiers'. A .mp3 audio file of Zoubin's talk and discussion may be downloaded from here. A pdf copy of Zoubin's slides may be downloaded from here or, alternatively, a pdf copy of them is here.

14th November - Adam Kashlak (Statistical Laboratory) on 'The frequency of ‘America’ in America'. A .mp3 audio file of Adam's talk and discussion may be downloaded from here. A pdf copy of Adam's slides is available from here.


5th February - Anthony Edwards (Gonville and Caius) on 'Cambridge Statistics from Venn to Fisher and Beyond'. Note: this talk had to be cancelled due to illness. Anthony's notes which he was going to use for this talk are, however, here concerning John Venn and the Cambridge Statistical Laboratory.

1st March - Nicole Janz (Sociology) on 'Solving the Reproducibility Crisis'. Nicole's talk slides (in pdf format) are here. A .mp3 audio file of Nicole's talk is available here.

March - Sylvia Richardson (Biostatistics).

26th April - Robert Kozarski (AstraZeneca) on 'Statistical Methods in Pre- and Clinical Development: Growth-Inhibition Model Example'.