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Talks from 2014-2015 session


21st October - Adrian Mander (MRC Biostatistics Unit Hub) 'Adaptive dose-finding designs to identify multiple doses that achieve multiple response targets'. Slides (in pdf format) of Adrian's talk are here.

17th November - Trevor Lewis (Director, TLwise Consulting Limited and RSS Theme Director for Professional Affairs) on 'Reflections on a career as a professional statistician and the increasing value of the role of professional bodies'. Powerpoint slides from Trevor's talk are here.


2nd February - Anthony Edwards (Gonville and Caius) on 'On reading Bernoulli’s Ars conjectandi 1713'. An audio .mp3 of most of Anthony's talk is here. Slides in jpeg format from Anthony's talk are here,here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

5th March - Tom Bramley (Cambridge Assessment) on 'Statistics and Examinations'.

26th March - Richard Steward (Blyth Estuary Group) on 'Blyth abandoned: sound science or flawed policy?' An audio .mp3 of Richard's talk is here.

7th May - Donal McCarthy (RSPB) on 'The cost of saving nature: how much and is it a price worth paying'. Slides from Donal's talk are here with an audio .mp3 of his talk here.

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