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Talks from 2013-2014 session


15th October - Mike Bithell (Geography) on 'Simulating environmental systems: the benefits of being discrete'. Mike's talk slides are available for downloading in pdf format from here.

25th November - James Wason (MRC Biostatistics) on 'Design of multi-arm multi-stage trials'. Talk slides from James's talk are here and a .mp3 file of James's talk can be downloaded from here.

27th January - Klaudia Walter (Sanger Institute) on 'The UK10K Cohorts Project: Rare variant analysis by whole genome sequencing in 3,621 samples'. A .mp3 file of Klaudia's talk is here.

20th February - Richard Samworth (Statistical Laboratory) on 'High-dimensional variable selection'. Slides of Richard's talk (in PDF format) are here. An audio .mp3 file of most of Richard's talk (missing the first few slides) is here.

27th March - Nick Galwey (GlaxoSmithKline) on 'Working with Epidemiologists'.

1st May - Peter Fretwell (British Antarctic Survey) on 'Counting the Emperor'. Slides of Peter's talk will be placed here. An audio .mp3 file of Peter's talk is here.

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