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I have been using gitosis for over a year now, and it is iedend a useful piece of software (I'm hosting ~6 projects using gitosis). However, I am not familiar with shared repository concept (unless that is just a repository with access allowed to someone else other than yourself).Does someone have experience sharing the same git repository between Linux and Windows? e.g. I have a /mnt/d/ NTFS partition, which has my project git repository; I also have msys-git installed under windows, which accesses that repository at D:projects. The problem is that while git pull; git status under linux shows no changes to commit, reboot into windows and git status shows quite a number of modified files.I haven't yet had courage to do git reset hard in windows to see if that fixes the problem (the repository is too large to restore over the network).Any suggestions are welcome (I'm subscribed to followup comments).


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