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Statistical Software at the CBU

Guide to locally available software

  • This is a rather out-of-date document in Adobe PDF format maintained by IanNimmoSmith. Its main value is that it documents a collection of programs that have built up to meet a variety of in-house needs. pvalues, chisq, mc, and bw are some of the most popular items here.

External websites for various statistical packages


  • This is a link to NAG's Genstat website. IanNimmoSmith is the CBU expert on this software.


  • GLIM stands for Generalised Linear Interactive Modelling. This is a link to NAG's GLIM website. PeterWatson and IanNimmoSmith can advise on the use of GLIM.


  • An easy-to-use system for doing statistical calculations in an environment that is a cross between a spreadsheet and a command-line programming language. PeterWatson knows more about Minitab

Octave [IAN]

pipestat =

  • This suite of programs was written by Gary Perlman. The name |stat is pronounced pipestat. It is a suite of statistical and data handling utilities that can be linked together so that the output of one program is the input to the next program. IanNimmoSmith and DennisNorris are local users.


  • R has become the statistical computing environment of choice for professional statisticians to develop and share new tools for data analysis and modelling. It developed out of the commercial package SPlus (see below) but is shareware in the public domain. Downloadable Manuals are available. IanNimmoSmith uses it extensively.


  • If you want to know what algorithms SPSS is using look here.


  • SAS is a powerful collection of statistical procedures. In particular for mixed model of random effects ANOVA and structural equation modelling using CALIS. PeterWatson knows a lot about this.


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