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Selective Statistical and Mathematical Glossary

Barycentric Coordinates

Brinley Plots

Quantile-quantile plots, usually empirically obtained from data from two samples of the same size from a younger and an older population of subjects. The data in each group is ordered and the rth smallest value in Sample1 is plotted against the rth smallest value in Sample2. Additive and Multiplicative relationships can be read from the slope and/or intercept of these plots.

Hartley Entropy
For a probability distribution on a finite set of events this is the logarithm of the number events with positive probability.
Part correlation
Partial correlation
Partial residuals

ROC or Receiver Operating Characteristic

This is a term derived from SignalDetectionTheory and relates the trade-off between Hits (or Correct Positives) and False Alarms (or False Positives) when using a decision criterion based on the value of a measure.

Triangular Coordinates

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