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Links to some useful pdfs for references on single case studies

Dallery, J, Cassidy and Raiff, BR (2013) Single-Case Experimental Designs to Evaluate Novel Technology-Based Health Interventions. Journal of Medical Internet Research 15(2) e22.

Dempsey, W, Liao, P, Klasnja, P, Nahum-Shani I and Murphy SA Randomised trials for the Fitbit generation. (December 2015) Significance 20-23. The box on page 22 mentions that 10 people is a good rule-of-thumb for single case studies.

The Single-Case Reporting Guideline In BEhavioural Interventions (SCRIBE) 2016 Statement (2016) Archives of Scientific Psychology 4 1–9.

Suzanne McDonald, Rute Vieira & Derek W. Johnston (2020) Analysing N-of-1 observational data in health psychology and behavioural medicine: a 10-step SPSS tutorial for beginners, Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine, 8:1, 32-54, DOI: 10.1080/21642850.2019.171109

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