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Power computations

Power computations can be performed in SPSS and R only using syntax. For SPSS users Chris Aberson has syntax for power calculations in his book. See reference below.

For a theoretical background and details of specialist software have a look at graduate seminar on power at the Graduate Statistics Programme October-December 2006. There is also a worked example using "Method 2" on a t-test.

Sample sizes required for a given power

Power required for given sample sizes

Additional power freeware (including the popular G*POWER (currently version 3)) is available for download from here. Some examples using G*POWER 3 are in Howell (2013).


Aberson CL (2010) Applied power analysis for the behavioral sciences. Routledge:London. This book contains examples of computing effect sizes and power using SPSS.

Howell DC (2013) Statistical methods for psychology. 8th Edition. International Edition. Wadsworth:Belmont,CA.

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