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Accessing nonparametric test results in SPSS 19 and later

In SPSS version 19 there is a new interface and output (using NPTESTS procedure syntax) which performs ths same analyses as the old nonparametric test procedures (NPAR TESTS using procedure syntax) but presents it in a different way. Some of the output, such as z-values and U statistics is not outputted by default (as it was using NPAR TESTS) but can be accessed as described below.

The old NPAR TESTS command, can still be accessed via "legacy dialogs" under Nonparametric tests. But you can also access it using NPTESTS. To see the full output from NPTESTS, you just have to double click to open the "model viewer". i.e. just double click on the line of the table of which you are interested (right on the p value) and another table will pop which will show you all the relevant values you got by default using NPAR TESTS in SPSS 18 and earlier.

If you use the new dialogue boxes in version 19 please make sure that the test (response) variables are given the correct type by SPSS (ie are called 'scale' variables as denoted by a 'ruler' icon next to the variable name) and group variables are the 'nominal' type (as designated by an icon that resembles three coloured balls next to the variable name). These can be changed by clicking on the 'variable view' tab on the data spreadsheet and clicking on the cells under 'Measure' to select the variable type.

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