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Relationship between tests which adjust p-values attributed to Bonferroni, Dunn and Sidak

There is a plethora of nomenclature concerning the same tests associated with adjusting p-values which are attributed after different people. In particular

Bonferroni's test vs Dunn's test

Sidak's test vs Dunn-Sidak test

According to Howell (2002), Dunn (1961) first came up with a method of multiple comparisons which has since become known as Bonferroni's test after Carlo Bonferroni. Dunn's method was further refined by Sidak and the test became known as the Dunn-Sidak test. Unfortunately for the luckless Dunn his name has been airbrushed out of this test as well and naming the test only after Sidak, rather than Dunn-Sidak, appears to be more supported (Winer, SPSS). Howell introduces Sidak and then says 'often known as Dunn-Sidak' but then refers to the test only as Sidak.

In conclusion, the fashion appears to name the two multiple comparison tests only after Bonferroni and Sidak respectively. One might speculate this is possibly owing to the more memorable nature of these two names due to them being more unusual than the unfortunate Dunn.

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