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How do I read R syntax code into a R session and obtain primers on other issues to get started with R?

You can store R code including function definitions in an ordinary text file and copy and paste into a R session. This means you retain a R program archive which can be easily adapted and quickly run in any R session.

Using source("filename.R") imports R code into R from a file called filename.R which may, for example, contain sets of functions.

For those wishing to get started using R some videos on particular aspects are available for viewing below. These videos have been put together by Dr. Thomas W. MacFarlane of Nova Southeastern University and illustrate and implement the R code for various analyses.

Getting started with R

  • Are You Ready for R? Open Source Software for Institutional Research is here

  • Background Information About R is here.

  • Orientation of This Training Session is here.

  • Download R details are here.

  • Exposure to the R Interface is illustrated here.

  • Using R in Interactive Mode is explained here.

  • Using R Syntax in a .R Script File is presented here.

  • Importing a .csv Spreadsheet-Type Data File into R is shown here.

  • Organizing the Data is here.

  • Conducting a Visual Data Check can be viewed here.

  • Supplemental R Packages are mentioned here.

  • Summary Descriptive Statistics are shown here.

  • Breakout Descriptive Statistics are here.

  • Using R for Student's t-Test is here.

  • Using R for Oneway Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) is here.

  • Using R for Multivariate Analysis of Variance (MANOVA) is here.

  • Using R for Correlation and Measures of Association is here.

  • Preparing to Exit, Save, and Later Retrieve This R Session is shown here.

  • Demonstrating Batch Processing with a Script File is here.

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