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EQS code for obtaining Raykov's rho for a twenty scale item inventory

This code can also be produced using the menu bar in EQS 6.1 or above (Bentler and Wu (2002)). The file name under DATA, number of Variables, number of cases and variable labels need to be adjusted, as appropriate.

Model built by EQS 6 for Windows
DATA='c:\documents and settings\peterw\desktop\my documents\eqs files stai\state
V1=S_Q_1; V2=S_Q_2; V3=S_Q_3; V4=S_Q_4; V5=S_Q_5; 
V6=S_Q_6; V7=S_Q_7; V8=S_Q_8; V9=S_Q_9; V10=S_Q_10; 
V11=S_Q_11; V12=S_Q_12; V13=S_Q_13; V14=S_Q_14; V15=S_Q_15; 
V16=S_Q_16; V17=S_Q_17; V18=S_Q_18; V19=S_Q_19; V20=S_Q_20; 

Like Cronbach's alpha, Raykov's rho (also known as reliability rho and composite reliability), ranges between zero and one. The higher its value the more reliable the item scale. A value of rho above 0.8 indicates good internal consistency, while 0.7 represents the lower limit of adequacy (Cicchetti, 1994).


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Raykov T. (1997). Estimation of composite reliability for congeneric measures. Applied Psychological Measurement, 21, 173-184.