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PET administration issues

Standard PET Studies

In order to run a PET activation study at the WBIC there are a number of ADMINISTRATION ISSUES that need to be addressed. Importantly, each study MUST have been approved by the Ethics Committee (LREC), ARSAC (the National body controlling the administration of radioactive substances and insurance must have been obtained for the number of subjects who will be scanned in any particular study. In many cases, each of the above will be dealt with by Adrian Owen at the CBU and Jackie Jenkins at the WBIC and will not require any additional input from investigators (for EXCEPTIONS, see below). For example, if you are conducting a 'standard' PET activation study, using a cognitive task which itself has no unusual ethical implications (i.e. implications not related to PET scanning per se), with up to 12 subjects then ethical permission, ARSAC and insurance may be in place already.


If you are doing anything 'out of the ordinary', such as administering any drugs before or during scanning or performing any invasive procedure (however minor) before or during scanning, then you may need additional ethical/ARSAC coverage for your study. To determine whether this is the case for users at the CBU, consult Adrian Owen, or, outside, Jackie Jenkins at WBIC. All Ethics, ARSAC and Insurance submissions for scanning to be conducted in the WBIC are handled, administratively, from the WBIC.

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