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Repository structure

After a little discussion, I think we have come to the following conclusion.

Each project will have its own repository.

For example:


This allows each project to have its own revision numbers, tags (=version numbers) and so on.

Projects that we can immediately think of are:

  • aa
  • aameg
  • spm_eeglab
  • electrictools - Olaf's EEG/MEG utilities
  • megcheck - Olaf's MEG diagnostics
  • dti
  • cbuutils
  • spm5_cbu_updates
  • spm8_cbu_updates - in due course

We'll deal with the excellent idea of allowing full recreation of the CBU code system as of a particular date with scripts:

# Recreate system as of given date
cd $my_dir
svn co aa --revision {$my_date}
svn co aa --revision {$my_date}
# and so on

Next step, if we all agree, is for Matthew to push the repositories around to make it so.

MatthewBrett, RhodriCusack, OlafHauk, JasonTaylor

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