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Produce a detailed specification of what we have now

  • Rosemary to prepare a description of the current panel database
  • Rosemary to come up with suggestions for improvements!

Work out what we need

Arrange for consultants to advise us.

There doesn't seem to be anybody in Cambridge who looks suitable. These guys are from Bedford:

Possible solutions

  • For most of our requirements Access is up to the job, it's well supported, cheap for us, and lots of people know how to use it.
  • But, if we want more than a few people to have access to the database, we probably want at least part of it too run through a web-interface e.g.
    • for the front office to check which volunteers are with which testers
    • For testers to enter their own details
  • It would be best if the data itself was in SQL on the servers.


  • Developers will need to sign up to MRC DP and security requirements.
  • System should be well documented and maintainable by people other than the designers.
  • We need instructions for how to modify the system

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