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Methods Related Lecture Courses

Apart from the Learning Machine Learning course and the course Statistical Methods for Cognitive Psycologists that take place here at the CBU there are other useful courses from the Engineering Department, Centre of Mathematical Sciences, Computer Laboratory and Physics Department.

Engineering Department


The timetables for Michaelmas 2008 are available here for 3rd year and here for 4th year.


The timetables for Lent 2009 can be found here for 3rd year and here for 4th year.

Basic Methods Maths

For those who are interested on understanding some basic but advanced engineering mathematics we advise you to follow this course which runs during Michaelmas, Lent and Easter terms.

You can find the timetable for the mathematics course for the year 2008 here (Michaelmas, Easter and Lent).

Centre for Mathematical Studies

The MPhil in the Statistical Science and MPhil in Computational Biology have many interesting courses.

Applied Bayesian Statistics Lent 2009

Prof. D. Spiegelhalter M.W. 11, MR14 and CATAM room (eleven lectures and five classes)

Time Series+ Lent 2009

DR S. M. Pitts Tu. Th. S. 12 MR9 (first eight lectures)

Monte Carlo Inference+ Lent 2009

DR R.R. Gramacy Tu. Th. S. 12 MR9 Lent (last sixteen lectures)

Computational Neuroscience Lent 2009

DR S. Eglen Tu. Th. 12 MR 15

Computer Lab

Artificial Intelligence I Easter 2009

DR. M. Jamnik M.W.F.11 (Lecture Theater 1, William Gates Building)

Artificial Intelligence II Easter 2009

DR. S. B. Holden M.W.F. 11 (Lecture Theater 2, William Gates Building)

Advanced Computer Graphics Easter 2009

DR P. A. Benton F. 9 and F.10 (from 13 Feb.) (Lecture Theater 2, William Gates Building)

For more information concerning other courses and their timetables please look here.

Physics Department

Principles of Computing Continuum Flows Michaelmas 2008

Prof P. L. Roe, 24 Lectures, M, W, F 3.30 Small Lecture Theatre, Cavendish Laboratory


High-Performance Scientific Computing Michaelmas 2008

Dr. Mike Kirby M. Tu. 2.00-3.30pm Small Lecture Theatre, Cavendish Laboratory


Information Theory, Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks Lent 2009

Prof. D. J. C. Mackay M. W. 2 (Beginning 26 January, Pippard Lecture Theatre, Cavendish Laboratory)

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