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Working notes on Albert, Ivry, Miall?, Brett paper

Codename rechoicey

State of the data


  • (behind a firewall) at /home/avalon/albertn/data/rechoicey

  • Neil's external disk at home, accessible, from Linux, as mount -t cifs // /mnt/neil -o user=name,password=pass

We'll call this file location CHOICEYROOT

Behavioral data

  • Within CHIOCEYROOT/behavior there is a summary sheet called Choicey_behavior.xls. This file is the file exported after merging the individual eprime data (edat) files.

  • Default E-Prime output files are located in CHOICEYROOT/behavior/edat/<subjectid>:

    • Individual edat files exist for each run for each subject.
    • Individual run-time e-prime log files (text files). missing .txt: subjects 35-37.

  • User created outupt files are located in CHOCEYROOT/<subjectid>/refs:

    • the event timing log files (.dat) that is ouput from e-prime.
    • the .ref file which has converted the above into info to groovy_batch models.

    • the .rtm file (reaction time matched reference file) for groovy_batch models.

  • Within the directory, directory above, eprime files in CHOICEYROOT/data/behavior

  • edat files for all runs, txt files (with identical information) for all but subjects 35-37. Edat and equivalent txt files record full log of events in eprime.
  • There were also .dat files written out from the script, with information selected by the script. These are in CHOICEYROOT/data/refs/<subjectid>

  • Matlab processed versions of these files became the .ref files for the analysis - CHOICEYROOT/<subjectid>/refs

  • NOTES: Subject 29OM needs to have recovery of the behavioral data and also will need to get the PostFix.OnsetDelay and timing mode for PostFix and its logging of "mouse" responses.

Some data, and code to analyze the files above in


  1. 21AW
  2. 22JS
  3. 23JX
  4. 24EC
  5. 25AM
  6. 26ZD
  7. 27FR
  8. 28MH
  9. 29om (EXCLUDE ?: didn't finish experiment - 4 sessions)

  10. 30AP
  11. 31FP (EXCLUDE ?: didn't vary self selection)

  12. 32AW
  13. 33LA
  14. 34TJ
  15. 35NL
  16. 36HW (EXCLUDE ?: Image artifact? earings?)

  17. 37MH

Literature review

All studies using PET or FMRI to study internal / external selection. Studies looking at internal / external timing excluded, unless they independently look at selection. For each paper:

  • Thumbnail description of task. Concentrating on nature of baseline, any potential difficulty confounds, whether preparation matched. Note differences in task RTs
  • For each subtraction, note activation coordinates and Z / t scores in medial premotor cortex (SMA, preSMA, anterior cingulate (Z > 0, abs(X) < 10, Y > -20?), premotor cortex (dorsal or ventral).

  • Note modality, template, coordinate frame / normalization (MNI, Talairach, etc)
  • Results (as reported, including negatively) of Internal - Rest, External - Rest, Internal - External , External - Internal. Note lack of report as well as 'no significant activation'. Note threshold used for each.

See DefiningSma

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