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How to run Maxfilter at the CBSU

Via the CBU load balancing scripts

maxfilter - defaults to running version 2.2 on l43-l59

maxfilter-2.0 - runs version 2.0 on l24-l42

maxfilter-2.1 - runs v 2.1 on l43-l59

maxfilter-2.2 - runs v 2.2 on l43-l59

maxfilter_gui – runs using maxfilter-2.2 on l43-l59

To run without loadbalancing (i.e. on the current machine)

/neuro/bin/util/maxfilter – will run the default version of maxfilter for that machine (v2.0 on l24-42, v2.2 on l43-59)

The higher numbered machines also have the commands:



Running maxfilter this way does have the potential pitfall that the command /neuro/bin/util/maxfilter will run different versions depending on which machine you’re on.

By calling the actual binary files

/neuro/bin/util/<machine architecture>/maxfilter

/neuro/bin/util/<machine architecture>/maxfilter-2.1

/neuro/bin/util/<machine architecture>/maxfilter-2.2

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