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Booking MEG slots

Current procedures for booking slots:

(1) First, do you IIG presentation (see NecessaryFormalities)

(2) Get IMC approval (see NecessaryFormalities)

(3) You will also need to become a qualified "MEG researcher", as defined in the StandardOperatingProcedures (SOPS). You must read the SOPs before running any studies in the MEG lab and your knowledge of them will be tested.

(4) Contact the lab manager, YuryShtyrov, to arrange for a lab visit, introduction and intitial training if necessary. Arrange the SOP test at the same time.

(5) With all ready to go, you can start doing your pilot recordings (usually 2). To book these (and any recording slots in the lab), please contact Georgie via megadmin (megadmin[AT] Make sure you let her know the details of your IMC approval. NB! Your slot is not booked until you have a confirmation from Georgie, or one of the operators, in her absence.

(6) You can use your first pilot to simply test your stimuli and set up your recording settings - but it will count out of your slots. If you want to avoid this, try to find time when the system is not used for recordings, or prepare well in advance if you think that you can do a full pilot and make your settings at once. Discussing your plans with operators in advance is a must.

(7) Further recording slots can be arranged with Georgie not earlier than one week after the pilot - provided the pilots are successful.

(8) Please give at least 10 days notice of canceling any slots where at all possible!

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