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Meg Machine

Elekta Neuromag vectorview 306 channel MEG. 102 Magnetometers and 204 planar gradiometers. The machine was installed in December 2007.

You can find more on the stimulus presentation systems on StimulusDetails


Panasonic PT-D7700 DLP projector, maximum resolution 1400*1050, set to 1024*768, 60Hz. Visual delay 34ms.


Back-projection screen. The distance from eye to screen is 130cm. Projected image size: horizontal 49cm, vertical 37cm and diagonal 62cm.


OptoAcoustics OptoMic MEG optical microphone.


In ear headphones, connected to a pair of Etymotic drivers by 2.5 meters of tubes.

Eye Tracker

SMI MEG250 eye tracker. Max speed 250Hz.

Sound Card

Up to december 2014: Xonar Essence STX card, auditory delay 33ms +/- 3ms

From January 2015: SoundBlaster ZxR card. auditory delay 26ms +/- 2ms

Button boxes

2 button boxes with 4 buttons each, one curved left and one curved right. Brand "Current Design".


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