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RED eye tracker

This is an SMI system. RED stands for 'Remote Eye-tracking Device', and this is a 50 Hz remote system. For that reason the precision is limited, but this is a very easy system to use and very comfortable for the subject. The system is also relatively portable and consists of a monitor with added camera unit, a power supply box and a laptop.

Usually, the RED will be set up to be compatible with our other SMI eye trackers, meaning that the laptop will control the eye tracker, and stimulus presentation will be handled by a separate PC. Communication between the two machines is over a local network connection.

You can simply seat the volunteer in front of the monitor and the eye tracking software will tell if the subject is correctly positioned, or which direction to move in. Once the software is happy you run a calibration routine and you are ready to record. All of this should not take more than a minute, and no special preparation is needed.

The RED is in the Eye Tracking Lab in room 443

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