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Analysis of MEG Data in MNE


  • For the tutorial, see the MNE manual and "mne_tutorial".

Further Help

  • The most important source for help is the MNE manual. Accessible in the unit by typing mne_view_manual (after sourcing the tools see below).
  • This page outlines a basic pipeline for EEG/MEG analysis (however, it is specifically designed not to work by default. You should educate yourself and make decisions based on your specific experiment): DansPage

  • This page explains how to create structural data for source analysis:

Some relevant papers

  • See chapter 13 of the manual

The code

MNE has been developed at the Martinos Center (in Boston, US), primarily by Matti Hämäläinen. Here is its home:

At the moment, we are using "MNE 2.6.0". At the CBU, MNE is installed here:


To source the MNE tools type "mne_setup_2.6.0". Some of the tools will only be available on vncserver.glx sessions (or at a linux workstation).

The previous version "MNE 2.5.0" is available.

To source this version type "mne_2.5.0".