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MEG eye tracker

This is a 250 Hz SMI system that should theoretically be called a remote eye tracker, but actually behaves more like a contact system as head movement is extremely limited in the MEG helmet. For that reason the camera can be zoomed in quite closely and the accuracy of the MEG eye tracker should be reasonably high.

The eye tracker sits on a tripod under the screen, about 1.4 meter from the subject. It is controlled from a dedicated PC in the control room by the iView X software.

The eye tracking data will be recorded with the MEG/EEG data in the .fif file produced by the MEG acquisition software. To enable this you will have to select the first 3 MISC channels in your setup. These data channels are analogue and could be affected by noise.

In addition, the eye tracking data can be saved on the PC controlling the eye tracker as well. This PC is connected to the Elekta trigger box, so will also record the triggers coming from the stimulus presentation machine and all responses from the subject. This should allow you to align the eye tracking data with the rest of your data during analysis.