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MEGUK2021 Poster Sessions

Poster Session 1
Monday 6th 12:45-13:45

Empirical Mode Decomposition and Instantaneous Frequency for MEG analysis.

Andrew Quinn

Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity

Quinn Empirical Mode Decomposition and Instantaneous Frequency for MEG analysis.pdf
Meeting ID: 949 2241 4273
Passcode: 847485

Triaxial OPMs: next-generation of wearable MEG?

Elena Boto

University of Nottingham

Boto Triaxial OPMs.pdf
Meeting ID: 940 9048 4417
Passcode: 744935

The relationship between schizotypy, polygenic risk score and resting state networks

Emily Lambe

Cardiff University

Lambe the relationship between schizotypy.pdf

Local neural dynamics and large-scale network interactions in visual conscious perception

Gabriela Cruz

University of Glasgow

Cruz Local neural dynamics large-scale network.pdf

Where is the other hippocampus?

George O'Neill

University College London

ONeill Where is the other Hippocampus.pdf
Meeting ID: 974 4285 8584
Passcode: 662732

Investigating the role of beta oscillations during motor execution and error processing with FOOOF toolbox

Jacopo Barone

Cardiff University

Barone Investigating the role of beta oscillations during motor learning with the FOOOF toolbox.pdf

Dynamic brain connectivity supports visual and semantic processing during object recognition

Jacqueline von Seth

University of Cambridge

VonSeth Dynamic brain connectivity supports visual and semantic processing during object recognition.pdf

Alpha power is associated with hippocampal volume in Alzheimer’s disease: a combined MEG & MRI study

Jemma Pitt

University of Oxford

Pitt Alpha power is associated with hippocampal volume in AD.pdf
Meeting ID: 918 2131 8944
Passcode: 2ryfWM

The Utility of Magnetoencephalography in Multiple Sclerosis - a Systematic Review

Hina Khan

University College London

Khan MEG in Multiple Sclerosis.pdf
Meeting ID: 586 474 4517
Passcode: HZS9999

Dynamic causal modeling of Alzheimer's disease

Juliette Lanskey

University of Cambridge

Lanskey Dynamic causal modeling of Alzheimer's disease.pdf
Meeting ID: 996 2487 8889
Passcode: MEGUK21JHL


Laura Hughes

University of Cambridge, Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit

Hughes_GABAergic modulation of cortical oscillations.pdf

Unavailable for zoom questions

Motor-related beta bursts in schizophrenia

Lauren Gascoyne

University of Nottingham

Gascoyne Motor related beta burst.pdf
Meeting ID: 957 9255 1230
Passcode: 622047

Dynamics underlying auditory working memory

Pradeep Dheerendra

University of Glasgow

Dheerendra Dynamics Underlying auditory.pdf

Poster Session 2
Tuesday 7th 12:30-13:30

Development and optimisation of active magnetic shielding systems for OPM-MEG

Lucy Edwards

University of Nottingham

Edwards Towards continuous, active magnetic field cancellation on a moving array of OPMs.pdf
Meeting ID: 916 1757 5944
Passcode: 831415

Identifying harmonics in magnetoencephalographic data: an EMD perspective

Marco Fabus

University of Oxford

Fabus Identifying harmonics in meg.pdf
Meeting ID: 322 615 9443
Passcode: 6fXecE

Scene perception and resting-state connectivity within a posteromedial network.

Marie-Lucie Read

Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre

Read Scene perception and resting-state connectivity_poster_MLR.pdf
Meeting ID: 817 3534 2426
Passcode: 798514

Brain Pong! Rapid Frequency Tagging for Brain Computer Interfaces

Marion Brickwedde

University of Birmingham

Brickwedde Brain Pong! rapid frequency.pdf

mp3 available within the pdf

The theoretical advantages of triaxial field measurement for MEG

Matt Brookes

University of Nottingham

Brookes Theoretical advantages of triaxial.pdf

Internal Selective Attention Benefits in Cognitively Healthy APOE E4 Carriers

Méadhbh Brosnan

University of Oxford

Brosnan Internal selective attention benefits in gognitively healthy APOE Carriers.pdf
Meeting ID: 757 534 3895
Passcode: Meadhbh

Precision magnetic field modelling and control for wearable MEG

Molly Rea

University of Nottingham

Rea Precision magnetic field modelling.pdf
Meeting ID: 965 7846 8460
Passcode: Ttf13Z

Functional Differences in the Neural Substrates of Auditory Cognition as a Consequence of Music Training

Naomi du bois

Ulster University

Du Bois Functional Differences in the Neural Substrates.pdf
Meeting ID: 836 9148 8501
Passcode: yqnd4i

Beta band dynamics during motor learning

Ryan Hill

University of Nottingham

Hill Beta-band dynamics during motor learning.pdf
Meeting ID: 977 2594 8017
Passcode: 654105

Hemispheric facial dominance and emotion recognition: a MEG study

Sanjeev Nara

Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language (BCBL), San Sebastian, Spain

Nara Hemispheric facial dominance.pdf
Meeting ID: 816 5623 5459
Passcode: yKVW0h

Investigating the microstructural foundations of cortical speech tracking

Saskia Helbling

Ernst Struengmann Institute

Helbling Microstructure speech tracking.pdf
Meeting ID: 773 6600 7413
Passcode: f0Rd5J

40 Hz Auditory Steady-State Response is related to language development in children with autism: An MEG study

Vardan Arutiunian

Center for Language and Brain, HSE University, Moscow, Russia

Arutiunian 40Hz auditory steady-state.pdf
ID: 731 3179 2141
Code: z92WXL

Saccades are locked to the phase of alpha activity during natural reading

Yali Pan

University of Birmingham

Pan Saccades locked to alpha.pdf
Meeting ID: 374 081 3426
Passcode: 337443

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