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Accessing Neuromag Software

  • Linux: 14 linux machines, each containing 2 dual core processors are available. Provided you are in the "imagers" group, from any Linux machine, just type the name of the tool you want. The job will be launched on the machine with the least load. Available commands are cliplab, dicom_access, maxfilter_gui, mce, mrilab, seglab, view_brain, xfit, xplotter, xfit-5.5. Typing graph will actually launch a copy of Graph on one of the HPs.

  • HPUX: Two HP workstations with complete set of NM MEG software are provided in the common user room. To access them, you will need your usual CBU user name and password. Once logged in, click on the toolbox icon on the tools panel at the bottom on the screen, and then on Neuromag icon. All program are started in GUI interface from there.

Details of the machines, and how to access them, is given here:

The major differences between the Linux and HP versions are: (1) no Graph Signal processor in Linux (but you can start use HP Graph from linux - see above), (2) more recent MCE 1.4 version on Linux, (3) Linux version being beta-testing with occasional execution glitches.

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