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Tips for successful scanning

This page is for people to offer the rest of us advice on what works well for running a successful scanning session on the CBU scanner. Please sign all your tips so we know where they came from. For example, MatthewBrett wrote this text.


1. Pre-test your subjects the week before at the CBU. This has several benefits:

  • They know where the CBU is and how long it takes to get there.
  • They have a chance to ask questions and discuss any lingering concerns.
  • You can remind them of the time that they have confirmed (e.g., as they leave, "Ok, see you Tuesday morning!").
  • Any potential MRI-suitability or experiment-suitability issues that have gone unnoticed over the phone may become apparent in person.

2. Explain to your subjects in a friendly way the costs and stress involved for you in planning this experiment (done in person, this is very effective in preventing no-shows).

3. Remind your subjects about the experiment the day before. Include maps and your contact details. Emphasize again how important it is to hear ahead of time if something comes up.

4. Have a backup. Have their phone number. Make sure they won't be in Ely on the day of your scan. (JessicaGrahn)