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This is a practical guide to using SPM. If you're after theory, you might want the Analysis Principles section from the menu on the left.

Getting started with SPM

SPM tips and tools

Automating SPM

  • aa - automating SPM analyses

  • SpmBatch - batching SPM jobs

Programming with SPM

Benchmarking SPM

Recent Updates

2009/08/25 Default spm 8 to Matlab2009a

spm 8

now defaults to matlab2009a as this offers the full functionality

Also, you may do commands like

spm 5 matlab2009a


2008/11/26 Update Juelich's Anatomy toolbox for SPM 5

Obtained a new pre-release version of the toolbox, containing new maps for the parietal lobe. Replaced the old version [RC]

2008/10/6 Installed Juelich's Anatomy toolbox into SPM 5


2008/08/13 Added highmemory switch to spm

If you launch spm with spm highmemory you will be sent to a machine with 16 GB of RAM.


2008/02/07 Added function HeadMask.m to /imaging/local/spm/common_spm5andabove

This function attempts to mask out the vitamin E capsules from T1 weighted structurals. This is useful before producing a scalp mesh, which may otherwise be distorted. It has been tested on seven subjects, never removing anything it shouldn't, and successfully removing the vitamin E capsules in six of the seven cases. (Including one patient with lesions; use at own risk; does NOT seem to improve normalisation to MNI space.)


2008/02/06 Patched spm_getSPM manually

Fixed bug when saving design matrix from contrast manager as identified by Catherine Marie-Longtin, and solved by Ferath Kherif

cd(SPM.swd) at line 200,
just after the code : SPM.swd = swd; at line 199.


Getting more help

For help on SPM and other analysis topics, see AnalysisHelp

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