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This is what lies under the TASKS button at the right hand top corner of the SPM Graphics window.


  1. Slice Timing


  1. Realign
    1. Estimate
    2. Estimate and Reslice
    3. Reslice
  2. Realign and Unwarp
  3. Coreg
    1. Estimate
    2. Estimate and Reslice
    3. Reslice
  4. Segment
  5. Normalise
    1. Estimate
    2. Write
    3. Estimate and Write
  6. Smooth


These all eventually call on the core SPM routines like spm_fmri_spm_ui.m and spm_spm.m. What they help to do is clear a template with place holders which need to be filled in before the job can be run.

  1. fMRI model specification
  2. fMRI model specification (design only)
  3. fMRI data specification
  4. Factorial design specification
  5. Model estimation
  6. Contrast manager


  1. Display Image
  2. Check Registration
  3. Image Calculator
  4. DICOM Import
  5. MINC Import
  6. Create Rendering/Surface
  7. Execute Batch Jobs
  8. Change Directory
  9. Make Directory
  10. Move Files
  11. Deformations


  1. 3D to 4D
  2. Sendmail
  3. High-Dimensional Warping


This allows you to create a chain of jobs. It's not yet clear to me if there is a natural (implicit) was of getting appropriate output of each job picked up by relevant ones that follow it and are dependent on those earlier stages.


This is a vanilla set of tasks.


This offers a step-through sequential menu prompting for the parameters of the selected task.

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