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Preprocessing: Realigning and Unwarping

You can download a copy of Justin and Jo's talks here: Realignment.pdf Undistortion.pptx

Regarding the question of why two field map images are acquired... this paper is useful in explaining this. Brief extract from the paper ...

A field map can be computed from the phase of the complex image data. By collecting more than one echo spaced in time it is possible to measure changes in the phase (and therefore the magnetic field) that are independent of imaging gradients and artefacts caused by the excitation pulse. Image processing techniques are required to convert the phase change map into a map of voxel shifts that can then be used to unwarp the distorted images.

Image distortion correction paper

Web Resources

Below is a list of web resources used in the talk

SPM for Dummies

FSL course

CBU Imaging WIKI

Jody Culham's fMRI for newbies



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