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 * The [[EssentialsofMRIAnalysis 2013]] group (EMA), meets every Wednesday at 10am [[EssentialsofMRIAnalysis 2013|(schedule)]]. This is a closed group, if you would like information on joining please see the [[EssentialsofMRIAnalysis 2013|group pages]]. Schedule and resources of the 2012 meeting can be found here: [[EssentialsofMRIAnalysis]]  * The [[EssentialsofMRIAnalysis 2013]] (EMA) group meets every Wednesday, 10-11 am. Schedule and resources of the 2012 meeting can be found here: [[EssentialsofMRIAnalysis]]


Meetings, mailing lists and people to contact


Mailing lists

  • The ImagersTechList is for Cambridge-wide questions and comments about functional imaging.

  • The ImagersList is for announcements to those interested in imaging in the Cambridge area.

  • The ImagersCbuList is for CBU imagers.

  • The RSAIG is for announcements and comments on the Representational Similarity Analysis Interests Group (RSAIG) in the Cambridge area.


For people to contact about various stages of an imaging study, see WhoToContact

For a list of links to local and other imaging labs that might be of help or interest, see ImagingLinks.

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