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Imagerstech mailing list

The imagerstech mailing list is our local mailing list for problems and issues to do with analyzing and interpreting functional imaging data. We would welcome any mails on these subjects, from the purely theoretical to bestially practical. If you send us an email, though, we would kindly ask you to join the mailing list first, so that mails to the list will get to you.

I'm afraid we have restricted this list to those involved in some way with imaging in Cambridge. We suggest the SPM mailing list, for imagers outside Cambridge. It can be an excellent source of help, on SPM and more general imaging topics.

To join the imagerstech list, please email MRI Admin, asking to be put on the "imagerstech" mailing list.

To send an email to the list, address the email to:

To leave the list, again, email MRI Admin.

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