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= Introduction to fMRI methods course March / April 2010 = = Introduction to fMRI methods, March / April 2010 =

Introduction to fMRI methods, March / April 2010

All talks take place at 10.00am on Tuesday mornings in the Lecture Theatre:

2nd March - Spatial pre-processing (Russell Thompson) (slides - attachment:Intro_fMRI_2010_01_preprocessing.pdf, workshop handout - attachment:intro_fMRI_2010_01_workshop.pdf)

9th March - Single subject analysis using the general linear model (Russell Thompson) (slides - attachment:Intro_fMRI_2010_02_GLM.pdf, workshop handout - attachment:intro_fMRI_2010_02_workshop.pdf)

16th March - Introduction to multi-voxel pattern analysis (Alex Woolgar) (slides: attachment:Intro_fMRI_2010_03_MVPA.pdf)

23rd March - Live demonstration of the aa batch system (Rhodri Cusack)

13th April - Introduction to functional connectivity analysis (James Rowe)

20th April - Introduction to diffusion tensor imaging (Marta Correia)

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