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Your imaging space

Contact IT to get an imaging account. The imaging space is mountable (map network drive in 'My Computer') from windows as \\samfs-lh\imaging, or accessed in unix or linux as /imaging/YourUnitID. All analyses are done here, and there is no quota.

Should you wish to look at them, most imaging software files are stored in /imaging/local/ (or \\samfs-lh\imaging_local\ from windows).

The raw MRI data is stored in /mridata/cbu/CBUnumber_MRprojnumber (or \\home\mridata_cbu\CBUnumber_MRprojnumber from windows). If you cd (change directory) to /mridata/ from the command line and list the folders the cbu/ folder will not appear (its hidden). It will not autocomplete either. Put /mridata/cbu/ at the command line and ls to list the folders, and after a short delay the cbu imaging directories will appear. There are a lot of folders in /mridata/cbu/ (one folder for every subject ever scanned here), so the folder often takes a while to load. Your data will not appear here until the radiographers transfer the data. Usually this is done same day, but not always.

To access your imaging space via VNC (pretty essential) see the VNC Pages

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