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IIG Schedule Autumn 2008




How slow event-related fields are created from cognitive modulations in oscillatory brain activity

Ole Jensen (Donders)

fMRI Proposal

Neural Representation of Human Bodies

Rebecca Lawson, Michael Ewbank & Andrew Calder

fMRI Proposal

The neural basis of frustration (2)

Rongjun Yu, Dean Mobbs & Andy Calder


MEG Proposal

Auditory Processing in Dyslexia: Behavioural and Neural Investigations using MEG

Jarmo Hamalainen, Tim Fosker, Usha Goswami, Martina Huss, Fruszina Soltez, Denes Szucs


MRI Feedback

Dual-echo EPI sequences for MTL

Morgan Barense

fMRI Proposal

Using MVPA to decode perceived gaze direction

Johan Carlin, James Rowe, Andy Calder

fMRI Proposal

Flexibility of task representation in frontoparietal cortex: the effects of perceptual difficulty and practice.

Alexandra Woolgar, John Duncan


No Meeting


fMRI Proposal

Dynamically Adaptive Imaging

Rhodri Cusack, Michele Veldsman (speaker), Adrian Owen


Open Meeting

MEG Show and Clinic


MRI Proposal

Pilot localizer studies for real-time fMRI

Tom Manly, Jess Fish and Jessica Grahn


MEG Proposal

Roles of S-R Learning and Perceptual/Conceptual Facilitation in Priming

Aidan Horner & Rik Henson

fMRI Proposal

Lexical complexity and grammatical function: Stems, affixes, and phrases

Mirjana Bozic, Elisabeth Fonteneau, William Marslen-Wilson, Lolly Tyler, Billi Randall


fMRI Proposal

Neural basis fot individual differences in phonological short term memory

Gayaneh Szenkovits, Dennis Norris, Matt Davis



Methods for genetic neuroimaging

Dr Tom Nichols

fMRI Proposal

Grouping effects in auditory-verbal short-term memory: an fMRI study

Kristjan Kalm, Dennis Norris, Matt Davis





Measuring GSR in the MRI Scanner

Sonia Bishop & Barney Dunn

fMRI Proposal

Assessing the effect of lexical ambiguity on spoken word recognition using fMRI

Jack Rogers, William Marslen-Wilson, Matthew Davis

fMRI Proposal

From V1 to volition and executive functions in vegetative patients: Paradigm assessment in the healthy brain

Martin Monti, Adrian Owen


fMRI Proposal

Differential contributions of the hippocampus and perirhinal cortex to spatial and object perception

Morgan Barense, Iris Groen, Jason Taylor, Lisa Saksida, Tim Bussey, Rik Henson

MEG+fMRI Proposal

Auditory memory re-activation

Oleg Korzyukov, Rhodri Cusack, Friedemann Pulvermuller, Istvan Winkler, Rik Henson



Evaluating silent EPI for use in fMRI studies of speech perception

Jonathan Peelle, Rowena Eason, Christian Schwarzbauer,Sebastian Schmitter, Matt Davis

fMRI Proposal

Representation of relevant information across task phases

Ausaf A Farooqui, Russell Thompson, John Duncan



Matching IT category codes in man and monkey – explorations with representational similarity analysis

Nikolaus Kriegeskorte


fMRI Proposal

Barking up the right tree in the absence of attention

Rowena Eason, Jonathan Peelle, Jenni Rodd, Bob Carylon,Adrian Owen, Ingrid Johnsrude, Matt Davis

fMRI Proposal

An fMRI study of cognitive processing in Huntington’s disease

Sarah Mason, Adam Hampshire